Sunday, March 17, 2019

Unconditional Election

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Elder John Harvey continued his series teaching on the tenets of what we believe, often referred to as the TULIP doctrine.  Today he focused on the "U" which represents Unconditional Election

Brother John read to us from Ephesians 1:3-6 showing that we were in Christ long before we were dead in sins with Adam.  He points out that there is an eternity that exists prior to creation and existence that we cannot even begin to comprehend.  And God has and does exist in this eternity.  He also points out that this is when God chose us before that time of creation.

Brother John goes to several scriptures illustrating the topic of election such as God choosing Noah and the other people and animals that would be on the ark,  He shows how the nation of Israel was chosen before they were yet a great nation,

Brother John also taught us that because of our inherit nature passed down from Adam we were unable to go outside of the nature unless it was acted upon by an outside force.  In other words, he shows that we are not in any condition to meet any conditions as pertaining to saving ourselves.

But it was the intimate foreknowledge that Paul talks about in Romans 8:28 that God used to predestinate us to be conformed to image of His son.

Listen to the full sermon by clicking the link below,

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