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Welcome to the 2013 Florida Fellowship Meeting Sermons Archive
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Eld Marty Hoskins - Christ Our Surety  2/8/13 AM

Eld Joe Nettles - God's Free Gift  2/8/13 AM

Eld Gordon Smith - The Worthiness Of His Surety  2/8/13 AM

Eld Silas Ford - Spend And Be Spent   2/8/13 2PM

Eld Lonnie Mozingo Jr - The High Priest God Gave  2/8/13  2PM

Bro Ric Stewart - Recognize The Value Of The Cross  2/8/13  7PM

Eld Danny Parker - The Truth About Election  2/8/13  7PM

Eld JC Stanaland - What Motivates You To Serve God  2/8/13  7PM

Eld Dolph Painter - Use Faith Not Feelings In Decisions  2/9/13  AM

Eld Chris Folsom - God Is Faithful, Pray  2/9/13  AM

Eld Ronald Lawrence - Samaritans and the Truth Of Grace  2/9/13  AM

Bro Richard Williams - Raise Your Ebenezer  2/9/13 2PM

Eld Jon Misel - Live The Way You Want?  2/19/13  2PM

Eld Hugh Sanders - More Pure Than The Stars  2/9/13  2 PM

Eld Randal Cagel - Seek Ye Out Of The Book Of The Lord And Read  2/9/13  7PM

Eld Buddy Abernathy - 3 Levels Of Faith Part 1  2/9/13  7PM

Eld Buddy Abernathy - 3 Levels Of Faith Part 2  2/10/13 AM

Eld Randal Cagel - Be Of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome The World  2/10/13 AM

It has been my pleasure to help to record the messages from this wonderfully blessed meeting.  It was certainly a pleasure to see you all and I hope to have this opportunity to serve you again.  Please contact me directly if you have any troubles down loading the sermons.  I have left them in a high quality format for increased clarity.  Check back soon as I will be posting some of the singing as I edit the titles individually.  jimspezzano@hotmail.com
Your Brother In Christ,  Jim Spezzano