Prayer Requests

Updated 5/8/17
  1. Our Pastor, Elder Tommy Green & His Family 
  2. Sister Joanna Purvis' father
  3. Sister Melissa Green
  4. Brother Jeffrey and Sister Jodi St. John 
  5. Sister Mary Hudson
  6. Brother Mike and Sister Donna Lewis
  7. Brother & Sister Jenkins
  8. Taylor (Sister Carol's godson)
  9. Kathy (Sister Judy and Brother Dan Purvis' niece)
  10. Our Country 
Brother Jeff's incisions are healing good but the nerves in his left foot are not reacting well to the removal of one piece of nerve.  Also, Sister Jodi is dealing with a cold right now.
Sister Melissa's weekly blood tests have been showing signs that the treatment is working.  The numbers, on average, are going down, which is a very positive sign.  She has scans scheduled for the end of May.  Our prayer is that the Lord will remove this cancer from her in a mighty and miraculous way.

Sister Mary Hudson had a really rough week the week before last.  We were thankful to have her in services a few weeks ago, but we know that she still has struggles and she and the family covet our prayers.

Sister Carol's godson, Taylor, is at Allchildren's Hospital in ICU due to an unknown infection.  They are awaiting test results and are especially praying this infection does not affect his heart.

Sister Judy and Brother Dan asked prayer for their niece, Kathy.  She is in the ICU at Brandon Hospital.  They did not do surgery on the abcess on her throat, but instead have added a second antibiotic.  Her kidney function and breathing are slightly better.
Lord willing, we hope to update the prayer list each week as the needs of the church are great.

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