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Latest Sermons

  • Philippi’s Care of Paul
    Brother John uses the church of Philippi treatment of the Apostle Paul as an example of the way we ought to minister unto one another.
  • Remember the Warnings
    Bro John continues in Jude, which reminds us of the dangers of unbelief and rebellion against God presented in the Old Testament.
  • False Doctrines, False Teachers, False Gospels
    Bro John expounds on Jude verse 4, which exhorts the church to be wary of false teachings in the church, and to become…
  • Contending for the Faith
    Continuing in Jude, Bro John speaks about the faith once delivered unto the saints, and how we should stand for the truth contained…
  • Isaiah 50:10
    Elder Tommy preaches from Isaiah, encouraging us to trust in the Lord, even in times where it seems we have no light.
  • Sanctified, Preserved, Called
    Bro John begins a series in the book of Jude, focusing on the first two verses in this sermon, which teach us some…

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